Avoid This During First Trimester of Pregnancy!

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the womb is still relatively fragile. Therefore the mother must be careful, so the fetus is conceived to remain healthy. In addition, there are several things that mothers should avoid in this trimester.

You will feel happy when you find out you are pregnant. However, since the womb is still fragile in the 1st trimester, mothers must maintain pregnancy very carefully and avoid several things.

Actually, there are no definite rules about what not to do during the 1st trimester, other than things that are definitely prohibited, such as smoking, alcohol, and taking illegal drugs. However, for the health and safety of the baby in the womb, here are some things that mothers should avoid during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

1. Certain Foods

During pregnancy, mothers need to pay more attention to the food they eat because these foods will also be passed on to the baby, affecting their health. In addition to knowing which foods are suitable for the growth and development of the little one in the womb, mothers need to pay attention to what foods should not be consumed during pregnancy because they can harm the baby’s condition.

The following are foods that mothers need to avoid since the 1st trimester of pregnancy:

  1. Red Meat and Scallops. Raw seafood, such as sushi, oysters, shellfish, and undercooked beef and poultry, should be avoided during pregnancy. Raw food can be contaminated with toxoplasma or salmonella parasites that harm the fetus.
  2. Deli Meat. The meat usually found in these sandwiches can be contaminated with listeria, a bacterium that can cross the placenta and infect the mother’s developing baby. Infection in the uterus can cause blood poisoning and threaten the life of the little one.
  3. Fish with High Mercury Levels. Some fish known to be rich in mercury include shark, king mackerel, and swordfish. Mothers also need to be careful if they want to eat canned tuna. When consumed in small pieces, tuna contains only a small amount of mercury.
  4. Smoked Seafood. It is possible that smoked seafood could be contaminated with listeria.
  5. Raw Egg. This includes food products that contain raw eggs, such as mayonnaise, Caesar sauce, Hollandaise sauce, and certain custards. Raw eggs can pose a risk of exposure to salmonella.
  6. Unpasteurized Dairy Products. This is because these foods can contain listeria.

2. Meals for Two

The assumption that during pregnancy, the mother must eat food in portions for two people is not valid. This can make pregnant women gain too much weight during pregnancy.

Being overweight can increase your baby’s risk of becoming obese later in life. Mothers need extra calories in the second and third trimesters, but doctors disagree that excess calories are required in this first trimester.

3. Too Much Caffeine

This may be difficult to avoid in the 1st trimester of pregnancy because the mother will feel very tired. However, caffeine can cross the placenta and affect the growth of the mother’s baby’s heart rate.

Even so, mothers can still consume caffeine at low levels. Research shows that drinking less coffee, about 200 milligrams a day or two cups of coffee, is acceptable in the 1st trimester. However, some research suggests that drinking too much caffeine during pregnancy is associated with a greater risk of miscarriage.

4. Some Certain Drugs

Some medications can be harmful to the mother’s growing baby. Therefore, before taking over-the-counter medications and supplements, it’s a good idea to talk to your obstetrician first.

If you experience health problems during pregnancy, mothers can also contact the doctor through the Halodoc application to ask about the best way to deal with them without taking drugs.

5. High Heels

When pregnant, you should save the mother’s high heels and replace them with comfortable shoes or sandals. Instead of using pointed and high heels like stilettos, mothers can choose shoes with flat heels such as wedges with a maximum height of 5 centimeters or less.

6. Hot Tub and Sauna

When you feel aches and pains in certain body parts during pregnancy, soaking in a hot tub may sound like a good idea. However, increased body temperature during the 1st trimester of pregnancy can cause certain birth defects. So, avoid hot baths, but try to take a warm shower.

7. Cat Litter

If you have to clean cat litter, put on gloves and wash your hands immediately with soap and running water afterward. This is because cat litter can cause toxoplasmosis, a rare parasitic disease.

8. Cigarette Smoke

Smoking can have a destructive impact on the health of both mother and baby, but secondhand smoke can also have an equally lousy effect. There are about 4,000 chemicals in cigarette smoke, and some of them are linked to cancer.

Inhaling secondhand smoke during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, premature delivery, low birth weight babies, learning or behavioral problems as the baby grows, and sudden infant death syndrome.


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